Monday, October 19, 2009

Money Tree

"As the seasons change, so do the leaves," is what the poster says on my money tree. This project is for an assignment about public art. I wanted make my own version of money that represents our country's present economic situation. The front of the bill shows the flag of China and says, "In China We Trust". The back has the magnetic strip along the back like a credit card with the authorized signature being "The United States". Of course, in small print is the "Not valid unless signed." After making the money, it just seemed that the next step would be to make a tree out of it...because it seems that these IOUs are in abundance.

I put the tree on Colorado Blvd. and watched as people walked by. Some people jokingly went to pull the money off the tree, but no one actually did it. Mostly just people walking by reading and looking.