Sunday, November 29, 2009

gotta get that chedda

This is a project for Drawing Concepts 2. The assignment was to do an artist's limited edition of an existing product. So, I did White Cheddar cheez -its. The illustration on the back of the box says, "gotta get that chedda". I tried to make the box look all "blinged out" because I wanted to associate cheese and cheddar with money. The box comes with a black canvas shopping bag with the back illustration on it.

These pictures show my process...somewhat. I spent a total of 32 hours on this project. I'm tired of looking at cheez-its.

Friday, November 13, 2009

poor donkey

This illustration is about the violence that is associated with hitting a pinata.

your heart is my home

These are based off a quote by Stephen King from "IT"..."there are no good friends, no bad friends. Only friends you want, need to be with. People that build their houses in your heart." The first thought I had after reading that was to wonder about the people who take up too much room in our hearts, the people who demand more from us.

So, the first two pictures show a house that represents the good friend who takes your heart for what it is and makes it their home. The last three pictures are of the bad friend's house who tears your heart apart to rebuild their own space. They aren't satisfied with your heart has to offer.

This project is a work in progress. I want to make more of them representing different types of homes, different environments, which would represent different types of friends that we all keep in our lives.