Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shmallmark Greetings

two illustrations from a series for my color theory class. i wanted to do illustrations of flowers made out of body parts and ended up creating cheesy layouts for cheesy greeting cards. each layout has a tagline (which would go on the inside of these hypothetical cards) that relates to the body part growing within the flower.

medium: digital photoshop painting

Healing Heart Logo

after having open-heart surgery for the second time last year, I felt the need to make art about my experience and came up with two ideas: one...a logo of a healing heart, and two...a painting about my gift of life. here is the logo. the painting will be posted as soon as it's finished.


a pattern illustrating envy. the green mold is envious of, and therefore taking over, the wealth and beauty of the golden apple. the top image is a close up of the design.

medium: gouache

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


a free form poem written june 22, 2009. i'm not a poet, but i do like to think of myself as a vessel for the creative energy gods. these verses are to be considered the words of my creative angel guardians. if you like it, then it was all me. if you don't, i was possessed when i wrote it. you be the judge.


One day I was walking down the block
Trying my hardest to think of what to say
My brain was on overload
Almost stuck in neutral I want to say
But then I'm having such a hard time trying to find the right thing to say
That maybe neutral isn't the right word after all
Either way
My mind was stuck in a haze
And a crowd was gathering on the street
And in my mind
All looking at the trainwreck
The wreck both on the street and in my ever-cloudy mind
And they won't stop watching and waiting for
Something to happen
Something to explode
Something to implode
My brain might just cave in on itself without ever having found the right word
And then it all comes together with
A snap
A flash
A turning on of a light bulb in my head
It's music
It's jazz
It's opera
It's rock
It's classical
It's Mozart
It's the beat of the drum
It's the strumming of the guitar
It's the sound of a song
It's the voice that keeps playing through my mind
And it follows me wherever I go
Always on my mind
Like Georgia
The place I found to lose myself
The place I lost to find myself
And I'm glad and mad and sad that
The right word can never be said
Only played
Or sung
Or drawn.

It's inside us all
But some of us don't know it's there until it's broken
Like the train
Sometimes like the bulb
It gets burnt out
And no one ever does that kind of a thing to themselves
Because it's beyond our control
It's only by the hand of someone else can a heart be broken
And maybe that's what makes heart such a weird word
And maybe that's why it was so hard for me to think of it
Or maybe I'm just afraid of it because it's cheesy.