Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New poem called "Blanket"

Lying awake in the dark,
her mind is filled with light.
Lying awake in silence,
her ears are filled with noise.
Projected images of yesterday,
Hopes for tomorrow
float to the top like debris
waiting to be cleared away
to uncover a pool of clarity.

She is blind to the flashing lights
as the seconds, minutes, hours
sail away without regard
for what is being left behind.
And although her blanket smells like feet
her love for him grows.

Thinking about life
Thinking about love
Thinking about tasks that are long overdue
keeps her thinking
for sleep is long gone
and it's time to prepare for a new beginning.

Time came and went tonight,
without any warning of the soon awakening sun.
Now all that's left to do
is watch the sun stretch out its arms from slumber
as the blanket of the horizon
is pulled away to cover the moon.

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